Master the Tennis Serve with ServeMaster

... practicing your tennis serve is easy! Anywhere at anytime, on and off the courts!

The ServeMaster is a revolutionary new tennis tool developed primarily for mastering the tennis serve and overhead techniques. Carry it in your bag for use on or off the tennis court. It simply and easily teaches efficient tennis serve technique to players of all levels for a
faster, more powerful topspin, slice or kick tennis serve with control.

ServeMaster accelerates the learning curve by developing better feel of the serve motion.
FEEL is what opens the door to understanding a fluid, rhythmic and powerful tennis serve motion. Using ServeMaster accelerates the learning curve and shows you how to relax your wrist and grip, and let the racket head do the work for you. When you can FEEL what is correct then you can start to replicate the motion and begin to make fast improvements on your serve.


Serving is a complex series of movements that need to be linked together in a fluid chain of events (often referred to as a kinetic chain). This flowing movement creates the ability to hit an efficient and effortless serve. Watch this tennis video on how to serve in tennis, click here.

Simply stated, on the down swing the weighted end pulls against the elastic cord that connects to the grip. The weight pulls in toward the hand on the upswing and resistance is created. As it travels further and the cord becomes more taut the weighted end increases speed and momentum takes it up to show you where the tennis serve contact point is. Gravity takes the weight back down to the finish point of your serve - across the body.



Your body will naturally form the correct tennis swing motion and shape given the right tools.

  • Get the weighted end moving in a figure 8 by letting it drop down and up
  • When you feel the weighted end fall behind your back simply bend your elbow. Let the weighted end "loop" behind you in a continuous motion
  • Swing up to the serving contact point and finish across your body by catching the cord with the tossing hand.
  • Your body will begin to make intuitive changes to keep ServeMaster in motion

When you can do this tennis serve motion, you're on the way to a faster tennis serve with better technique.


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"The ServeMaster is Totally Cool!"

Ken DeHart Tennis Professional
"The ServeMaster is Totally Cool! The ServeMaster is one of the best tools I have found for helping students “feel” how to produce a fundamentally sound tennis service motion. It is a great aid for warming-up before matches or before serving in a lesson. The ServeMaster is totally cool!"

Ken DeHart
Master Professional PTR & USPTA

"It is as if they have unlocked a secret!"

Bobby Bernstein Tennis
"What I love about the ServeMaster is how easy and convenient it is to put in the hand of a student and get them to feel how the racket is supposed to travel during the service motion. Once a player gets the hand of it and can move it correctly I have them switch back to their racket and try to replicate the same motion. Then I have them go for it! This is usually followed by a big smile on their face as they start to understand how much easier it can be if they allow the racket to move through the motion. It is as if they have unlocked a secret!"

Bobby Bernstein
Tour and Academy Professional

"For every child who would like to have the proper fundamentals from the beginning."

"Thank you to Lisa Dodson for taking the time to create this incredible teaching tool! Our kids use the ServeMaster daily at Top Ten Academy in Berkeley, CA. In all the years I've been teaching I've never come across something that has made the rhythm and timing of the serve so easy. All of my students, no matter how young, can get the swing of the serve down after just a few minutes with the ServeMaster!

Wayne Ferreira and I are always having our players utilize the ServeMaster to keep developing the proper swing shape and follow thru. The ServeMaster also teaches the proper shifting of weight from the front to back and front again and dramatically improves tossing skills.

This teaching aid is also a must for every adult who needs help with every aspect of their serve as well as for every child who would like to have the proper fundamentals from the beginning. Also the way the handle is designed allows the grip to easily stay in the difficult continental grip and the different weights in the head end teach relaxation, hitting up and pronation."

Wayne Ferreira (Former ATP #6; Coach & Mentor)
Rosie Bareis (Top Ten Tennis Academy; Former #1 Nationally; World Class Junior Developer)
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